Meet Our Team

Affiliated Associates is your best friend when it comes to the difficult world of insurance.

We are loyal and true: committed to providing you with the best strategies and education for your employees' health and wellness program as well as your individual needs. By listening to you, we evaluate your situation and understand the fiscal needs of your business and your household. Affiliated Associates will have you wagging your tail!

We strongly believe that evolving education is the key to making informed decisions. Clear communication combined with technology allows our pack to provide an authentic service experience.

Morgan Pratt
Sales & Marketing Hound

Sniffing out "Bone-a-fide" solutions for clients needs. Always on the prowl for new fetching opportunities.

Steve Hartmann
Musical Employee Benefits Groomer

Keeping businesses, employees, and individuals performing, communicating, and protected in perfect harmony.

Kira Harmon
Service/Guide Dog & Tail Wagger

Guide Dog & Tail Wagger Guides the young pups and aids the old dogs. Keeps the pack running on all paws.

John Sortor
Working Dog

Likes to dig into details, works well within the pack to help steer clear of the ruff.

Michelle Woodbury
Operational Bomb Detection Hound

Activity tracker who steers the herd so there are no strays and sniffs out emergencies.

Master Greeter
Dogs rule